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I received the product yesterday (30 December,2013) here in Perth (Australia), and am very pleased with it. It works exactly as advertised. I see too that you can actually separate the lid from its cylinder safe (if I may call it that), lock the lid with the key, and then at a later time, lock the lid to the cylinder safe without having to have recourse again to the key. This could be convenient in certain situations where you don't want to leave someone with the cylinder safe key, but you do want them to lock the car key into the cylinder safe.

Patrick B.

When I purchased my new Nissan, the dealer told me he had no way of securing my fob key. I searched high and low looking for a product that would block the fob signal! I found Key Valet and am ecstatic with their Key FOB Disabler! My vehicle is secure and I am going to tell all my friends about this great product!

Veronica S.

Thank you very much. I will let the guys at the beach (kitesurfers, surfers and kayakers) know what a stand up person you are and give them my recommendation. You should receive some orders from Chicago.

James G.

I have been looking for a way to secure my Key FOB while I was surfing. I came across this website and thought I should try out the Key FOB Disabler! GREAT PRODUCT and it works exactly as described on the site! Now I have peace of mind while enjoying the surf!

John G.

I have had several car dealers and every locksmith in the area tell me how it was not possible to hide the electronic key fob in our new cars because the signal was always active and could not be blocked. I would not be able to lock the car and anyone could driver off with it. Fortunately in a lot of online search I found www.keyvaletinc.com. Great product that works as advertised. A secure container that is virtually impossible to open without the security key, yet easy to hide in any car. I now have a hide a key in my new car. I plan to show it to our locksmith.

Steven M.