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    Key Valet is a family owned and operated job shop. Our chief machinist and facility
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    As the automobile industry advances with vehicle technology, Key Valet
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Vehicle Theft 2019 Drivers Beware

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that a vehicle is stolen every 27 seconds in the United States and those losses translate to more then $7.8 Billion annually.

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Fun Facts
Auto Theft Facts
  • According to the U.S. Department of Justice, a car is stolen every 27 seconds in the U.S.
  • The cost of vehicle theft to consumers nationwide (for insurance premiums, repair costs and new car replacements) is $7.8 billion annually.
  • Automobiles comprised 74.5 percent of all motor vehicle theft offenses; trucks and buses accounted for 18.7 percent of the vehicle thefts, and the remainder included other types of vehicles.
  • According to the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), Friday and Saturday are the two days with the highest frequency of motor vehicle thefts.
  • Based on NIBRS data, 57.1 percent of stolen motor vehicles are recovered in the first day and 79.4 percent are recovered during the first six days, indicating that the first few days after the theft are critical in recovering a stolen vehicle.
The largest percentages of vehicles, roughly 57 %, were stolen from the driveways of single-family dwellings, apartment complex parking lots or apartment parking garages. Of the remaining 43%, the majority (23%) were stolen from parking lots or parking garages: 1% from convenience or specialty stores; 1% from hotels or motels; 1% commercial/industrial areas and construction sites; 1% each from schools, universities or nightclubs; and 14% from other structures.
There are four main types of car thieves:

  • CRIMINALS: Burglars, robbers or drug dealers seeking temporary transportation that police cannot trace to the criminals.
  • DRUG USERS: Thieves who make quick cash for drugs by selling the car or parts from it.
  • PROFESSIONALS: Thieves who sell stolen car parts to body shops, smuggle popular cars out of the state or change identification numbers and sell the cars within the state.
  • JOY RIDERS: Teenagers and younger children seeking thrills or looking for transportation for a night on the town.
There are four main types of car thieves:

1. Toyota Camry
2. Honda Accord
3. Chevrolet C1500 Series
4. Ford F150 Series
5. Acura Legend
6. Jeep Grand Cherokee
7. Honda Civic
8. Dodge Neon
9. Cadillac Deville
10. Ford Mustang
What Client's Say?

Central Parking System has been purchasing and using Key Valet's locks for over 15 years. These locks have always provided the durability, ease and security to our business. Key Valet has very reasonable prices, prompt shipping coupled with warm and very friendly staff.

Central Parking Systems Patrick Gachogu

The Key Valet product has been a mainstay of the Edison Park Fast operations for many years. We can consistently count on the quality and security these locks provide both us and our customers.

Edison Park Fast Greg Maser

We have used several products from Key Valet for over 8 years. They have performed smoothly and efficiently in our Valet parking facilities while providing proper key security for our customers. Our personnel find that using the Key Valet key locks makes retrieving a customer's vehicle a snap and helps minimize the wait times of our exiting customers. We keep a ready supply of key locks on hand at all times.

Parking Management, Inc. David W. Carlock
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