Custom Key Box

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Custom Key Box
Features & Benefits
  Material - aluminum, steel, stainless steel
  Styles - wall mount, car lift, portable, valet podium
  Sizes - Based on customer requirements
What Client's Say?

Thank you very much for the box (Portable Steel Valet Key Box w/ Stand). It is amazing that you build these and we are all very impressed with this one as well.

Bronnick Foo

The key boxes from KeyValet have worked out great. All the cars parked in our valet garage are locked up, and the keys are safely secured in the key boxes. KeyValet has helped our valet not only with safety and security, but efficiency as well. Thanks KeyValet!

Jeff Young

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Operations and Delivery:
Key Valet has a highly qualified team of shop employees that bring over 35 years of experience to the player's table. We pride ourselves on product quality and prompt delivery all to meet our customer's expectations. Key Valet assures our customer base an outstanding turnaround time in addition to top-notch quality work.

Key Valet works along with various sub-contractors to meet all of our manufacturing deadlines in an efficient and timely manner. Each of our product components is manufactured in the United States and for quality assurance purposes assembled at our facility.

Custom Key Box


  • Custom designed to fit your needs. Pricing is based on material choice and size of key box.

DISCLAIMER - All Key Valet Products are strictly sold as Theft deterrents and Key Valet is not responsible for any losses, damages or misuse resulting from the use of its products.