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Is to provide a cost-effective storage device that can be used to solve an automobile security issue.

The Key FOB Disabler is directed to the field of secure storage for automobile remote key fobs. Many current automobiles are provided with electronic remote key fobs for gaining entry into the vehicle along with a push button start feature. Unlike conventional ignition keys, these key fobs do not require physical engagement with the door locks to enter and/or start the vehicle. When a user parks the automobile at a public parking lot or with a valet, the user may need to leave the key fob with the car valet or other lot attendant so that the vehicle can be moved. As the key fob can be used to gain entry to and operate near to the vehicle, a potential security issue may arise that is not present when a conventional key is left with the lot attendant. Somebody could easily start and remove the vehicle. Therefore, securing your key fob in the Key FOB Disabler would become necessary to assure the safe delivery of your vehicle upon your return.

After exhaustive research and testing, Key Valet has chosen to manufacture the Key Fob Disabler of specific alloys to be durable and also block the electronic signal of the newest generation of Smart Fob Keys.
The Key Valet Key Fob Disabler is also available with a durable synthetic covering providing a better grip in wet weather and while also providing an added level of protection if it comes in contact with your customers' valuable car interiors.
Features & Benefits
  Dimensions: 2.5" x 5"
  Weight: 1 pound
  Individually key coded for security
  Specifically designed as a theft deterring device for all keyless vehicles
  Manufactured of a special composite alloy that blocks the transponder signal
  Self locking cap
  Great way to secure spare valet key
  Available with durable synthetic covering providing better grip in inclement weather
  Rust resistant
  Sold to the private and public sector
  Easy to operate
  Houses any style ignition key/remote
What Client's Say?

I received your Key FOB Disabler and was impressed with the quality of your product. This is what I have been searching for in order to hide an extra key fob in my vehicle. It works great and completely blocks the signal. I no longer have to worry about losing the fob while on a trip and not being able to start the vehicle. Great product! Thanks.

NEW Alfred V.

Thank you very much. I will let the guys at the beach (kitesurfers, surfers and kayakers) know what a stand up person you are and give them my recommendation. You should receive some orders from Chicago.

NEW James G. (Watersports)

Hi Nancy,
The key disabler worked perfect. My wife had an in depth conversation with all of the regular morning surfers at the beach and they were inquisitive in how it works. There might be more orders coming here soon. Thank you and the Key Valet team for such a great purchasing experience. Mahalo,

Jimmy N.

We got our product and love it. We are using them a lot. Thank you for your help, customer service! Wishing you much success!

Ofelia S.

I received the Key FOB Disabler and it works perfectly. I am totally happy with your product. I appreciate the email updates and efforts for customer satisfaction -- you folks are awesome. I surf, so this product allows me to lock the FOB in my car and carry the mini manual key in the water with me. I have told my friends about your device.

John S.

I received the product yesterday (30 December,2013) here in Perth (Australia), and am very pleased with it. It works exactly as advertised. I see too that you can actually separate the lid from its cylinder safe (if I may call it that), lock the lid with the key, and then at a later time, lock the lid to the cylinder safe without having to have recourse again to the key. This could be convenient in certain situations where you don't want to leave someone with the cylinder safe key, but you do want them to lock the car key into the cylinder safe.

Patrick B.

Your Key FOB Disabler is an excellent product. It has a great design, great quality and blocks the signal for every keyless vehicle. Extremely easy to use and operationally friendly. Would highly recommend to anyone or any operation looking to secure keyless vehicles.

Blake Gulino

Many years ago, my car keys were stolen. So I have always made sure to 'hide' a spare key somewhere inside my car so I wouldn't be stranded again. But the new vehicle I purchased this year has a new generation keyless ignition system and a smart key fob. With these new push button start systems, there is no way to 'hide' a smart key fob inside a vehicle like this because the car "knows" the key fob is inside. So I began trying to figure out a way around that issue. That's when I discovered this ingenious product by KeyValet, the Key FOB Disabler. The disabler works perfectly and is very easy to hide, just as I had hoped. It is ideal for anyone like me with a push button ignition and smart key fob who wants the security of knowing a key is hidden in the vehicle somewhere if it is needed. Thank you so much for creating something so simple, yet so smart that it outsmarts even the smartest of smart keys!

Jonna F.

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Operations and Delivery:
Key Valet has a highly qualified team of shop employees that bring over 35 years of experience to the player's table. We pride ourselves on product quality and prompt delivery all to meet our customer's expectations. Key Valet assures our customer base an outstanding turnaround time in addition to top-notch quality work.

Key Valet works along with various sub-contractors to meet all of our manufacturing deadlines in an efficient and timely manner. Each of our product components is manufactured in the United States and for quality assurance purposes assembled at our facility.
Key FOB Video:
FOB Key Device BLOCKS Transponder Signal Deters Auto Theft - Hide Inside/Outside Vehicle
Key Valet has been designing and manufacturing ignition key/remote theft deterrents for over 15+ years. Providing our services to a multitude of industries including but not limited to; casinos, cond...
Frequently Asked Questions
Disables Transponder Signal
Device individually key coded
Key codes secured in our database
Self-locking cap
Caps are interchangeable in the event you lose the operating key
At a parking garage level, caps can be keyed the same
Insert master key into the cap of the disabler
A 1/2 turn of the locking mechanism releases cap from unit
Remove operating key
Self-locking cap
Cap is self-locking when inserting cap back into unit
All caps are interchangeable with disabler unit
Acura: Keyless Access System
Audi: Advanced Key
BMW: Comfort Access
Cadillac: Adaptive Remote Start & Keyless Access
Ford: Intelligent Access with push-button start or Ford MyKey
General Motors: Passive Entry Passive Start
Hyundai: Proximity Key
Infiniti: Infiniti Intelligent Key with Push Button Ignition
Jaguar Cars: Smart Key System
Jeep Sentry Key Immobilizer System "SKIS"
KIA: Keyless Entry
Lexus: Smart Access System
Lincoln: Intelligent Access System
Mazda: Advanced Keyless Entry & Start System
Mercedes-Benz: Keyless Go integrated into Smart Keys
Mini: Comfort Access
Bugatti Keyless Entry Remote
Mitsubishi Motors: FastKey
Nissan: Intelligent Key
Porsche: Porsche Entry & Drive System
Renault: Hands Free Keycard
Ssang Yong: Smart Key System
Subaru: Keyless Smart Entry With Push-Button Start
Suzuki: SmartPass Keyless entry & starting system
Toyota: Smart Key System
Volkswagen: Keyless Entry & Keyless Start or KESSY
Volvo: Personal Car Communicator "PCC" and Keyless Drive or Keyless
Keyless ignition systems in automobiles have been around for quite a number of years. As their popularity has grown, presumably for their convenience and ease, so have the risks of car theft associated with those vehicles.

A keyless system allows starting a car without a physical key being inserted into the ignition housing. Instead, a small device known as a "key fob" transmits a code to a computer in the vehicle when the fob is within a certain close range. When the coded signal matches the code embedded in the vehicle's computer, the starter system is activated. This allows the car to be started by pressing a button on the dashboard while the key fob is left in a pocket, coat or purse.

Over the past five or six years keyless ignitions have grown in popularity, and are offered as standard or optional equipment on cars in every price range. Toyota features the "Smart Key" system and Lexus offers "Smart Access." The Ford Motor Company calls its system "Intelligent Access" and Nissan named theirs "Intelligent Key." BMW has "Comfort Access." Audi uses "Advanced Key." The GM system is "Passive Entry Passive Start." Hyundai offers the "Proximity Key" on many models. Mercedes offers "Keyless Go" in most of its models. Volkswagon selected the acronym "KESSY" for Keyless Entry and Keyless Start.

As more keyless systems are sold to the public and private sector, we need to become aware of the potential rise in automobile theft. How can we protect our keyless ignition systems? Key Valet's Key FOB Disabler has been specifically designed with special composite alloys to secure your "keyless system".

Absolutely, sold to, both, the private/public sector.
Yes, it has been designed to eliminate the transponder signal. In turn, your vehicle will be unable to start and you can securely leave it within your vehicle.
Yes, on the far side of this page you will see what client's are saying about their Key FOB Disabler.
Measure the exact area that is in question and call us for assistance.
You have two options that will bring back your sense of security. Depending on the circumstances of the lost key, you can either:

A) Purchase a replacement key
B) Ship the cap back to us to be re-coded. All caps are interchangeable. New operating keys will need to be purchased.
Yes, the disabler will securely house your basic ignition key.
Yes, when operating multiple valet garages, you have the option to key code each valet area the same or differently.





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  • For orders under quantity of 50.
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