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About The Key Valet
Expansion of Key Valet's Product Line
Stop Thieves in Their Tracks!!

Key Valet's commitment providing quality products along with outstanding customer service continues to be a mainstay of our daily operations. Our office staff and shop employees work as a team delivering all orders in an efficient and timely manner satisfying our customer base. At Key Valet, theft is always a concern and taken seriously. Our continued mission is to stop thieves in their tracks. Key Valet continues to expand its existing product line by inventing and manufacturing new products sending thieves away empty handed.

Drivers Beware?

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that a vehicle is stolen every 45 seconds in the United States and those losses translate to more then $4 Billion annually.

Key Valet Products

As car theft is always a concern, Key Valet's product line accommodates all ignition keys/remotes including; round, square, computer chip, conventional and for your keyless vehicles. This system virtually eliminates car theft, hastens parking and provides our customers with a sense of security. In addition, the key locks are designed to prevent damage to any delicate ignition key. It is an ingenious, economical and operationally friendly locking system.

If the need to secure your ignition key/remote is a concern, Key Valet is the solution to your problem. From key locks to key boxes, we provide you with the security that is necessary to assure the safety of your vehicle. Custom orders available upon request.

Key Valet Applications
**Include but are not limited to the following target areas
  Valet Parking: Casinos, Malls, Hospitals, Restaurants, Condo Associations, Hotels, Racetracks
  Event Parking: Sporting events, banquet halls hosting any event, golf outings, concerts
  Parking Garages: Corporate companies, daily commuter lots
  Individual Use: Securing any key, spare valet key
What Client's Say?

Central Parking System has been purchasing and using Key Valet's locks for over 15 years. These locks have always provided the durability, ease and security to our business. Key Valet has very reasonable prices, prompt shipping coupled with warm and very friendly staff.

Central Parking Systems Patrick Gachogu

The Key Valet product has been a mainstay of the Edison Park Fast operations for many years. We can consistently count on the quality and security these locks provide both us and our customers.

Edison Park Fast Greg Maser

We have used several products from Key Valet for over 8 years. They have performed smoothly and efficiently in our Valet parking facilities while providing proper key security for our customers. Our personnel find that using the Key Valet key locks makes retrieving a customer's vehicle a snap and helps minimize the wait times of our exiting customers. We keep a ready supply of key locks on hand at all times.

Parking Management, Inc. David W. Carlock

Key Valet

Key Valet has a passion for locks and helping people protect their possessions. Key Valet's own mastermind of locks has taken his 35+ years of manufacturing expertise and recently launched a unique locking system manufactured from 100 % stainless steel. This tedious project has taken a number of years inventing and creating as it is such an intricate system that will target a multitude of industries. This incredible and very intense product line allows you the opportunity to choose a cable, chain, shackle or adjustable chain locking system offered in a variety of styles where all internal/external components are 100 % S/S.