Attendant Belt

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Attendant Belt
Features & Benefits
  Two-inch wide nylon, plastic squeeze clip, adjustable up to 46 inches
  It is capable of holding 13 key valet locks and one master key securely attached by an elastic cord
  Using an attendant belt eliminates digging in pouches, pockets and the constant back and forth to the booth or podium retrieving additional key valets
  Securing the master key to the attendant belt is not only more manageable to run a smoother operation but brings a sense of control to your garage
What Client's Say?

Central Parking System has been purchasing and using Key Valet's locks for over 15 years. These locks have always provided the durability, ease and security to our business. Key Valet has very reasonable prices, prompt shipping coupled with warm and very friendly staff.

Central Parking Systems Patrick Gachogu

The Key Valet product has been a mainstay of the Edison Park Fast operations for many years. We can consistently count on the quality and security these locks provide both us and our customers.

Edison Park Fast Greg Maser

We have used several products from Key Valet for over 8 years. They have performed smoothly and efficiently in our Valet parking facilities while providing proper key security for our customers. Our personnel find that using the Key Valet key locks makes retrieving a customer's vehicle a snap and helps minimize the wait times of our exiting customers. We keep a ready supply of key locks on hand at all times.

Parking Management, Inc. David W. Carlock

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Operations and Delivery:
Key Valet has a highly qualified team of shop employees that bring over 35 years of experience to the player's table. We pride ourselves on product quality and prompt delivery all to meet our customer's expectations. Key Valet assures our customer base an outstanding turnaround time in addition to top-notch quality work.

Key Valet works along with various sub-contractors to meet all of our manufacturing deadlines in an efficient and timely manner. Each of our product components is manufactured in the United States and for quality assurance purposes assembled at our facility.





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